Caught by the army - PatisPatonPhotography

Caught by the army

29th August 2016

Last Sunday we were debating where to go. We didn't want to go to parks...again. We decided then to go to Culzean castle, where we could see the beautiful view of the sea in the coast of Ayrshire, enjoy a bit of the beach and the playground too.

For our surprise when we were arriving there we found out that an event was happening. It was 'Army in the field'. We literally were caught by the army. We spent about two hours visiting the stalls and enjoying the stories and details. I can say that there were really interesting characters out there. We had a fantastic day, learned a few things from the past, about Vikings, cars and guns used during the world war.

Our visit to the playground didn't happen, but we did indeed visit a small beach nearer than the one we had planned to :-).

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