Holding back the time

27th January 2017

It was interesting how this image idea came to my mind. It was kind of an insight. I've been doing different projects and time is being a concern to me. Then...pop! The idea came to my mind. First I thought of me pulling an enormous rope from the clock, feeling the weight of my duty in pulling the time backwards. Then this one in the image came out soon afterwards. I wanted to pull the time backwards but also I wanted to depict some kind of freedom. Automatically the question came to my mind. When did we have more freedom? When we were kids!!! So there was no doubt anymore! I was going to pull the time by playing in my swing attached to the clock!

It was a relative straight forward way to composite to the final image, if I hadn't started by the wrong layer. I had the clock by itself and I had to isolate it. But I didn't. I added the swing to the clock and then myself, followed by the mountain and the sky. I was quite happy with the image until I saw the shadow of the clock in the sky...and wait a minute, this is impossible and there I went backwards, adding the layers the way they should had been added! Luckily nothing is destructive in photoshop!

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