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18th January 2017

After a while not writing much about my photos, here I am back again. This year I have settled my mind to build a portfolio in conceptual photography where I can depict meaningful aspects of human nature. Where I can show hopefully the two side of the coin; the beauty and darkness.

For today's picture I had this concept in my mind that finally I've come to a result that I liked it.

Imprisoned: social media is our modern captivity.

She is a nature lover, she is a passionate about human behaviour. She is a happy and vibrant person. Time passes by....she is in front of a computer. Her world is different now. Her world are words and pictures she adds into social media. She doesn't go out much, she doesn't interact with people as much as she used to. She becomes used with silence. She surrounds herself in the virtual world. The real one is vanishing.... She is imprisoned. However for not anymore. She can see outside. Her mind and body scream towards the beauty of the real world.

Patis Paton Imprisoned
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