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Photographing ballerinas

24th May 2016

It was a Saturday morning when I found myself in a room where I would have to get ready to photograph all the ballerinas that were taking part of the Elen Brandao Dance School's annual show. It was the day of the dress rehearsal and I was so curious to see all the costumes!

The time arrived and I photographed each class and then each ballerina. The costumes were wonderful and I could have spent days photographing them instead of hours!!! I didn't want to miss a single moment! While I looked at those gorgeous small shy faces of the most youngest ones I imagined them in a fairy book. Then it came the teenager ones. They were beautiful and as they stepped in their poses were formed like a landing feather. Oh they were just a perfect subject!!! Result: I ended up with 'thousands' of photos...of course!

I left that day tired but really excited to the next step that would come a week later, the show!!!!

Now you can have some examples of what I experienced on that day.

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