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Whimsical sisters

27th April 2016

Today I've finished a series of composites from a portrait session of three beautiful sisters! It was a fun session and they were all trying to imagine what I had in my mind while I was asking them to do certain poses.

As I dive into the world of dreamy shots I want to learn more and more. I am just loving it and ideas keep coming and coming. I could spend my entire life doing this! With the experience being gained I feel that I need to have a drawing of my end imagination for my younger models to have a look at, so they can interprete it at their best. With this in mind I start imagining myself digital painting my imagination...can you see what this is ending up? Exciting times :-)!

For this shots, I have to confess that I had something in my mind but nothing certain, which is not ideal as we have to think about lighting, angle, colour choices, etc. As I normally take photos of landscape or things I see that could be interesting for using as backgrounds in different angles and focus, so far it is working well! However my goal is to have a complete story in mind beforehand the photo session!

I think I will be spending a good length of my time drawing!

Firstly, I have the three beautiful sisters together as themselves and then I transpose them to the fantasy world!

Photo stock images used:

Leaf Boat by Mysticmorning

Fantasy background 4 by Pickytime

Portrait of three sisters
Three sister's portrait
Portrait of an angel
Portrait of a girl in a leaf
Portrait of tow flowers
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