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Whenever I am shopping, I am happier when I can know straight away the price I'll be paying for what I want. At shops if clothes don't have their price tags, I tend to give up. I don't want this happening to you, so here I am, as transparent as possible, letting you know what I charge for my services.

PORTRAITURE SESSION: £90.00 up to three hours.

FINE ART (CONCEPTUAL, WHIMSICAL) & NEWBORN DIGITAL PACKAGE: £260.00 It includes the session up to three hours and you get control of 10 digital custom edited images and two 12 x 9" prints.

FAMILY, MATERNITY & CHILDREN DIGITAL PACKAGE:  £180.00 It includes the session up to two hours and you get control of  6 digital custom edited images and two 12 x 9" prints.

MINI SESSIONS: £35.00 up to 45 minutes

Specifically for Easter, Halloween, Christmas and pupils in their school uniforms. It includes two 8  x 6" prints.


Original DIGITAL FILES: £35.00/unit

High Res DIGITAL FILES: £20.00/unit

PRINTS: 12 x 9": £12.00/unit

FOR ALL THE SESSIONS, you will be provided with a private online gallery with 20 final images for you to order from. Also from where you can share your photos and if desired, you can order more prints and/or more digital files. A 35% retainer will be required to reserve a session after a Client Service Agreement contract has been reviewed, accepted and signed. The retainer will be applied to the balance of the client's session fee. The sessions can be at a location of your choice within 35 miles of G77 (farther away 40p per mile surcharge) or in my home studio.

I hope this information is helpful to you but don't hesitate in contacting me if you have any question or any other requirement such as a tailored packaged to attend your specific needs.

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