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Tips for your newborn session

More than anything you need to know is that I Loooove babies! I could spend hours just staring at them and get overwhelmed with the beauty of nature and be thankful that I’m part of it and that I am a mum. So I will hold, cuddle and comfort your baby throughout the session. Please know your child’s safety and comfort is my number one priority. A newborn session takes normally 3 hours. Please schedule your day accordingly. Also, babies sense more than we give them credit for. The more stressed and unnerved mum and dad are, the more difficult it will be to keep baby calm and relaxed. Know and understand that the session can go any number of ways. Your baby will cry and your baby will probably make a mess, maybe more than once. These things are all okay with me. Do not feel bad if your baby cries, it’s not upsetting me. The more calm and relaxed you are as parents, the more calm and relaxed baby will be. You will probably think at least once, “my baby is never like this, she/he is normally so calm and relaxed.” It is okay, I can’t stress enough that the calmer you are, the easier the session will be.

Use the following as a checklist for the day of the photo shoot. It is a lot of information but it is very important. • Please make sure your baby is not over stimulated on the session day, avoid unnecessary outgoings.

• You need to arrive at their sleepiest time – so keep an eye on their schedule/routine so we can figure out the best time to begin the session.

• Try to keep baby up for at least an hour prior to the photo shoot. The sleepier the baby the better the session will be.

• The studio will be very warm for the session. I suggest dressing in comfortable clothing or in layers. • White noise will be played throughout the session, however if you know of any specific noises or music that help to calm your baby, please let me know.

• Plan to feed the baby at the beginning of the session, or within thirty minutes of arriving. This will help start the session with a happy baby. We will take multiple breaks for additional feedings during the session if needed.

• During the session the baby will be just covered by wraps or pants if parents are in agreement, so if possible bring the baby just on his nappies and well wrapped.

• Please try to avoid any clothing that will leave marks on the baby’s skin such as socks or tight fitting clothing.

• I have props for you to choose from and I’d like to involve you in the styling of the session. If you have a special item you would like to incorporate, I would love for you to bring it along.

• If you’d like to be in images with your baby, make sure to look nice and wear clothing you are comfortable in. I suggest beautiful light colours or black. Please avoid wearing white or bold patterns.

• I may ask for your help throughout the session should I need it. Having dad nearby is helpful especially if mum is recovering from a c-session.

• Be prepared for messes of all kinds. Babies don’t care where they go to the bathroom. Anything, including spit up, may go flying or spraying on anything around.

• Get ready to LOVE your baby even more! Watching he/she sleeping is such a beautiful thing. However, don’t be surprised if it takes her/she a good while to get into “baby model mode”. Babies aren’t used to being handled this much! I always hear, “They aren’t usually like this”. Well, they aren’t usually picked up every few minutes and posed on props. Eventually they get so tuckered out, they don’t notice.

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